We want to be a blessing to our local community!

Lessons from 50 Years of Marriage

We interviewed a couple from the Church on the Marsh; Mick & Sally about the lessons they have learnt from their 50 years of marriage!

Blue Monday – Men’s Mental Health

We interviewed our own Jason Hettrick about his battles with mental health and how his faith in God gives him hope during the darkness of depression.

Interview with Marsh Ward Councilors

We caught up with Marsh Ward Councillors Mandy Bannon and Gina Dowding to talk about local issues in the Marsh Ward of Lancaster and what impact Covid-19 has had on local and regional politics.

Primary Education in Covid-19

We had an interview with the Head Teacher of the local school; Willow Lane Community Primary School, talking about the impact of Covid-19 on the school, teachers, parents and children.